The Arc serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  There are local, state, and national offices.  The Arc serves as a clearinghouse for gathering and disseminating information relevant to people with intellectual disabilities; initiates state and national legislation to support and protect the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities; and advocates for the inclusion of these individuals into their communities.  The Arc works to increase public awareness by providing information on the prevention and treatment of intellectual disabilities, and develops programs and services to meet the needs of persons with these challenges and those of their families.

The Arc Pinebelt Region, Inc.'s general purpose is to:
  • Promote the general welfare of persons with intellectual and  developmental disabilities and empower them to become as independent as they can and want to be;
  • Serve as a support and advocacy organization to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families;
  • Further research on all aspects of intellectual and developmental disabilities and methods of education and training;
  • Develop a better knowledge, understanding and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by the public; to cooperate with all public agencies, private agencies, and service providers, and to promote home and community based services;
  • Further the training, education, and recruitment of personnel to work in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • To solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes; and,
  • Encourage the formation of support groups in areas where there are none.

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